Structured Capital Group, Inc.
is an investment advisory and equity participation firm that specializes in creative financial engineering techniques to raise capital for its clients. SCGI's worldwide industry activities are focused in real estate, motion picture, manufacturing, technology, energy, service, distribution, among many others.

SCGI's innovative financing involves structural funds, risk syndication, creative financing and traditional banking and insurance elements that are successfully implemented on each project undertaken.

SCGI brings vast experience in creative financing and risk syndication and credit enhancement. Over a number of years SCGI has developed new financial products combining elements of insurance and banking, eliminating the risk of default and allowing risk participation in different forms by combining its expertise with various business alliances in both the insurance and private placement markets. The combination of its affiliations and its innovative approach have given SCGI the ability to raise almost unlimited capital and financing for a transaction that it evaluates as suitable, and where its participation will add substantial value to bringing a project to fruition.