Structured Capital Group, Inc. is a private financial firm in New York City that offers comprehensive investment advisory services and is focused on raising capital for its clients worldwide. An emphasis is placed on Financial Structuring, Risk Syndication, and maintaining a high level of business ethics by each of the firms experienced and devoted professionals.

Risk Participation: Debt and Equity

Within the recent months financial institutions and equity participants have had to reassess their financial risk exposure due to the poor global economic conditions and performance of companies throughout all industries. This has made the availability of debt and equity funds more difficult to attain for an even greater number of businesses than before.

SCGI's risk syndicated financial engineering techniques can greatly reduce the financial risk position of each equity and debt participants in today's market regardless of industry. For most of our transactions, SCGI's financial risk position can be as great as 35 % of the total funding amount, in a combined form of equity and debt. The principals of the business venture are also expected to be capable of covering a certain percentage of financial risk relevant to their specific project.

Financial Structuring

SCGI's success begins with its creative and strong financial structuring know-how. Following a cash-flow oriented approach, an integrated structure of banking and insurance elements highly specific for each clients transaction is developed. Various financing techniques can also be incorporated such as soft equity structuring, mezzanine structuring, securitization, sale lease-back, and tax/subsidy advantages.

In most instances, a Secured Credit Facility is established through a Private Placement offering that is supported by SCGI's creative and flexible methods of collateralization. These innovative systems of collateralization rely on the creation of bankable guarantees that allow for the use of both ON- and OFF- Balance Sheet Financing options. The final structure makes for a balanced, risk syndicated transaction that strengthens the corporate financial position of the business and greatly limits its risk of default.

SCGI can also incorporate other type financial instruments and techniques such as, offset lending, credit insurance, bonding and credit enhancement when traditional banking or credit is not available. This allows SCGI to raise capital in certain situations and in foreign countries while protecting against credit, currency, and political risks.

Investment Advisory

SCGI's dedicated team of professionals offer investment advisory services that encompass extensive knowledge and experience required for negotiating, structuring, securing and bringing our clients financial needs to fruition. A qualified company executive is always available to develop the right financial strategies with a client.

SCGI also works in conjunction with industry specific affiliates and banking and insurance specialists around the world to provide a comprehensive service that is particular to the client's transaction. In many instances our close affiliates are industry leading businesses that offer valuable insight into the project at-hand.

Private Placement

SCGI is focused on raising capital in the debt and equity markets. Its group of professionals and affiliates are highly seasoned in placing and arranging:

  • common stock
  • credit enhancement
  • senior debt
  • preferred stock
  • insurance wrap policies
  • Production schedule
  • Completion guarantor
  • various bond tops
  • letters of credit
  • subordinated debt (mezzanine)