SCGI offers comprehensive investment advisory services and participates in financial risk for qualified businesses and projects that require funding for Mergers and Acquisitions, Growth Projects, Buyouts, and Turnarounds and Bankruptcies. The combination of our industry specific affiliates and our creative financing techniques allow us to focus on most industries domestically and internationally. SCGI works on the following project types:

Mergers and Acquisitions and Growth Projects
SCGI joint ventures with proven project leaders to support the financing of companies throughout the phases of sale and expansion. Our activities include analyzing, planning, structuring and closing transactions with a personal yet highest level of business ethics and professionalism. SCGI works with businesses to optimize the business investment and minimize the uncertainty associated with acquisitions and mergers by providing the resources and financial factors needed to preserve the businesses.

Buyouts - LBOs and MBOs
Persevering through buyouts necessitates broad industry, financial and legal expertise. Finalizing a transaction that is advantageous to all the participants requires the ability to solve a wide array of obstacles that may occur in the course of negotiations and implementation of the transactions. These specific business ventures require industry sensitive experience that will identify, analyze and address the impediments to meet the objectives of the project. SCGI offers prolific solutions to meet the unique demands of the companies that are considering to go through these phases by optimizing the value of the transaction.

Turnarounds and Bankruptcies
SCGI provides financing relief to viable businesses with good operations that are troubled with insufficiency in liquidity, excessive debt, shortfall to meet the debt obligations to creditors, or lacking capital for expansion and growth. SCGI, with its dynamic affiliates, works with burdened companies not only by identifying their problems but more importantly providing comprehensive solutions. SCGI's approach resuscitates the troubled business by providing long term financial plan of restructuring for survival and continuous success.

Real Estate Development Group
SCGI Real Estate Development Group provides advisory services in investment management to institutional and individual investors with real estate market opportunity. SCGI seeks to support real estate projects offering innovative solutions to their unique needs, optimizing the value of their portfolios, while reducing the high risk of default through the development of the complex real estate projects. SCGI's team of professionals enable the delivery of the customized service to the projects diligently realizing highest level of returns on the assets. Through the identification and implementation of a customized financing strategy for each project, SCGI leverages real estate knowledge of current market conditions with each project's return objectives. This custom-tailored enables SCGI to reach the target of each qualified project undertaken.

Motion Picture Financing Group
The motion picture industry is extremely competitive and risky without the right assistance and partnership of an innovative and industry-experienced financing firm. SCGI utilizes various financial products to reduce the business risks in both international and domestic markets. SCGI Motion Picture Financing Group assists these projects from inception to conclusion with extensive experience in the media and entertainment industry.

Motion Picture Financing Group and the Real Estate Development Group emerged from our industry focused divisions.