The following is the general information
required for SCGI's review process:

  • Script (to include synopsis)
  • Film budget
  • Biographies of talent
  • Background of producer/director
  • Potential distributors, tax credits and subsidies, territories and rights to be acquired
  • Production schedule
  • Completion guarantor
  • Contract details (if any)

Additional requests for information and documentation may be required.

Structured Capital Group maintains an edge with innovative techniques in motion picture finance, film production and distribution. These methods may include credit enhancement, gap financing, international co-productions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, equity funding, tax-advantage programs, goods and services participation, pre-sales and other benefits.

SCGI's industry-focused affiliates strengthen the project position through extensive experience in the media and entertainment industry. Through alliances and ventures, SCGI is currently involved in various levels of production and distribution and is exploring others with quality groups and organizations to make an indelible mark in the film industry.

SCGI looks at advanced projects from experienced producers with significant attachments (talent, director etc.) and a quality commercial script. SCGI prefers to be involved in film projects geared towards family carrying an MPAA rating of no more than PG-13.