The implementation procedure, while varying from situation to situation, usually includes the following:

  • Script (to include synopsis)
  • Review of Business Restructuring Plan
  • Customize a Financial Plan of Reorganization
  • (If DEBTOR-IN-POSSESSION) Gain Court and Creditors Committee Approval
  • Negotiate Settlement/Participation from Creditors (Senior/Junior) and Lenders
  • Arrange Remaining Participation:

In today's uncertain economic conditions it is more common for a company to be experiencing serious financial problems or to file for bankruptcy protection more than before. SCGI can provide the necessary recapitalization funds for troubled companies experiencing problems such as debt repayment, lender fatigue, back taxes, current asset financing and/or continued operating losses, among others.

SCGI's recapitalization strategy focuses on establishing a very strong, cash flow oriented financing approach. The survivability of the restructured business is greatly supported by the risk syndicated financial structure and also by relief of the problematic debt, tax obligations and other financial restrictions.